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Buy and sell textbooks (and other books!) online, comparing prices across multiple sites at once

The world of college textbooks is rife with pitfalls. The things are mad expensive, you end up only using them for a couple months, and then they're practically unsellable - unless you go online. lets you trawl all the best buying and selling textbook stores at once. Locate the books you need for cheap and unload the ones you're done with to earn some pocket money.

The app lets you search all the big names in buying and selling textbooks at once, including, eBay, Amazon, Chegg, Barnes & Noble, TextbookX, and many more. Search based on title and find everything organized by price, including any current promos or coupons. Choose the quality of book you're looking for (brand new or used) and specify what edition you need. Affinity programs are all integrated with the app.

It's simple to buy or sell books from directly within the app itself, although you can send yourself an email instead if you'd prefer to do your shopping later. Some of the sites show up rather small on the iPhone display, so either use an iPad or forward yourself the links to check out via desktop.

The app sometimes takes a minute or two to crawl through all the included stores, but it always came through in the end for me. Everything I searched for was found without a hitch.

If you need to deal with the world of textbooks, make it a little less of a pain with the help of the app.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here The SMARTEST way to buy, rent or sell textbooks and everything else.

V. 3.0 has barcode scanning, persistent bookbags, and support for comparing prices on every product in the universe, not just textbooks!

BIGWORDS saves about $1,000 per year on textbooks. WE DON’T SELL ANYTHING. We find the cheapest prices to buy or rent by comparing prices at every good online store. With this release, we are bringing the same multi-item price optimization, including coupons and shipping to every product in the universe. Back to School: #1, Top 10 iPhone Apps for Students " and the app are welcome additions to the quest of buying books... you will save money using this app... I really like the app. It’s simple, straightforward and will save you money."

New York Times App of the Week: "...a savings of more than 35 percent over buying online without its search engine."

Chicago Tribune says: "...there are at least a half-dozen Web sites that sell used books in good condition... You can search each of these sites individually, or you can [use], which offers one-stop shopping."

The BIGWORDS Uber-BOT textbook price comparison uses Multi-Item Price Optimization(tm) to maximize promotions and minimize shipping, providing the lowest total cost for your entire textbook order.

Buy, rent, or sell textbooks: New, used, rentals, eBooks - All considered to save you the most money.

...And that’s not all. It’s not exactly Snuggie, but it’ll give you the same warm fuzzy feeling when you realize how well you’re stickin’ it to the bookstore man. If we find books from sellers with low feedback scores, we’ll strip them out for you! Book looks like it’s been run over by a truck? Not a problem! We’ll ignore it. What’s that? You don’t care if it was run over by a truck and fell into a sewer? We’ll show you the very dirt-cheapest textbooks. Nobody, and I mean nobody, does textbooks like this. We slice ‘em, we dice ‘em, we find the cheapest copies of the right textbooks so YOU don’t have to spend your hard earned cash OR spend hours scouring the Internet for deals. This thing cleans up textbook prices like a Sham Wow does grape juice.

Voted most important app by all of us who built it, we believe you will be as overjoyed as we were when it started working. In fact, we’re so sure you’ll be completely satisfied that we’re giving it away FREE! Not a limited time offer. This thing is free and it’s going to stay free, because we love and respect you, student kind.

Multi-Item Price Optimization(tm) is a process which calculates the total price for every permutation (combination) of books and stores, taking into consideration shipping and promotions for each combination, thereby finding the lowest total price for your entire order. It’s why we save students $225 on average multi-item orders.

- Searches all the best textbook stores: Abebooks, Alibris, Amazon, BetterWorld, Biblio, Barnes and Noble, Bookbyte, Bookrenter, Chegg, CourseSmart, eBay, eCampus, FirstClassBooks,,,, TextbookX, TextbooksNow, TextbooksRUs, Valore Books.
- Automatically calculates all promotions, coupons, and shipping
- Allows you to ignore any copy or seller - the app will find the next copy
- Set your own shipping speed
- Affinity program support for Amazon Prime, Barnes and Noble Membership,, etc.
- Buy from the merchants inside the app, or email a link to yourself
- Share feature allows you to send bookbags to friends or other students
- Searches domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
- calculates textbook buyback too, so you can get up 75% back!

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  • Updated12/11/2014

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